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Travel insurence

Treatment insurance.


People paying NFZ fee are provided with the fundamental medical care when traveling around the Member States of the European Union and European Economic Area as a part of The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It is also worth considering the purchase of the additional insurances, as EHIC card assures only basic medical care.

Such insurance guarantees refunds for medical care (which also includes the costs of transporting to the hospital or other medical facility), ambulatory or hospital treatment (until patient's condition is stable enough to transport him or her to the country), investigations, operations, surgeries, medicaments and wound dressings as well as other services(depending on the agreement with an insurance company).

The cost of an insurance policy depends on the insurance term (usually they are valid for a month or longer than a month) and the warranty sum, up to which the insurance company returns the costs of the treatment caused by accidents or sudden illness.
Before making the final choice and signing the agreement, it is worth making oneself acquainted with its content and conditions. It is also recommended to ask whether the insurance company has the officer in the country which is the traveling destination. Such officer can cover the treatment costs on the spot.

Insurance companies often have discounts for children and young people, participants of the events organized by travel agencies which are simultaneously brokers of the insurance company or for an organized group trips. Special discounts appears during summer or winter holidays. Sometimes the policy cost increases for older people (usually above 60 years old people).

For additional fee one can also be provided with dental insurance (with the exception of preventive visits and prosthetic treatment) as well as professional sport insurance (including insurance for mountain-climbers and cavers) which covers the costs of treatment in case of an injury. The policy covering the costs of dental treatment is about 50-150% more expensive than the basic policy, depending on the insurance company. Fees for people in professional sports increases from 150% to 200%, and fees for mountain-climbers or cavers are 300% higher.

In case of the necessity of hospital treatment the policy which was taken out in Poland may prevent traveler from covering costs with one's money if the insurance company has its representatives in the country in which one stays. It is valid to inquire about it, because in such cases traveler have to call to a given number and report an occurrence. The policy with an account for a treatment will be sent to a broker by a hospital or an ambulatory. The companies which do not have representatives abroad sometimes give a possibility to transfer money into a hospital's bank account. It is worth asking about it while purchasing the policy.
If the company does not have a representative it is important to gather all accounts (for a treatment, purchase of dressings, sticking plasters and other medicaments as well as other medical documentation). After the arrival to the country one have to deliver those documents to an insurance company in order to get the refund for a treatment (up to the warranty sum).

Accident insurance.

This type of insurance is usually offered together with an treatment costs insurance. That is so called Package Insurance.
An accident is an occurrence caused by external reasons in which an insured person suffers permanent injury or dies. The funding amount depends on the degree of an injury. It is usually established by a doctor or the experts called by an insurance company.
In case of death of an insured person the fundings are transfered to the people indicated by the insured or to the family members (defined as substitutes according to an inheritance law).

Luggage insurance
Personal use items can also be insured for the time of a journey. Insurance protection includes the luggage, which is in the care of an insured person or the one that is in the storage place provided for luggage.
ATTENTION! Luggage insurance agreement does not include the cash money, jewelery, the works of art etc.
An insurance payment can be received for a luggage which was lost in an accident as well as in catastrophes concerning means of communication and random incidents (heavy rains, fires, earthquakes).
Insurance agreements are often hedged around with many conditions, which enables insurance company to avoid the necessity of the payment. That is why it is very important to familiarize oneself with the conditions of the policy purchase.

Comprehensive Car Insurance and Road Assistance
Comprehensive Car Insurance prevents car owner from the necessity of bearing the costs connected with the damages or stealing of a car abroad.
Some insurance companies distinguish several car insurances:

  • Car Damage Insurances
  • insurance in cases of stealing, fire and explosion.

The insurance cost depends on the type and worth of a car and the insurance time. While purchasing Car Damage Insurance a person can be given a discount if he or she has Civil Liability Insurance. It is advised to inquire about the possibility of using Comprehensive Car Insurance abroad, because in some cases its scope is expanded.

All insurance companies assure the coverage of costs connected with the car repairs up to an established sum. It enables safe return to a country.
Shall the costs of repair be higher, one have to report to the companies representatives, who will establish the range and costs of the repairs with the experts or workshops. Representatives addresses are available in the policy manual.
Comprehensive Car Insurance may not be used if the damages were caused by a wrong exploitation of a car.

Road Assistance is policy, on basis of which the insurance company covers the costs of given help as well as organizes it. Road Assistance may include not only the organization and costs coverage for towing to the nearest car park or workshop or the car repair on the spot, but also the medical care for the injured and their transport.

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