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Regulations for using services available on the website

General information

The administrator of the website, from now referred to as, which makes possible booking and purchase of flight tickets through a search engine, from now on referred to as “the Reservation System”, is the firm IPWS Łukasz Żorawik, which has its seat in Katowice, at Klonowa Street 41a.

The condition of using the Reservation System is acceptance of all conditions stated in the regulations below. Accepting them is a declaration of will and creates a legal obligation between the User and the firm IPWS Łukasz Żorawik.

The Client has the right to repeat, copy and retain contents of these Regulations free of charge, without the possibility of commercial use.


The following terms refer to:

The Website – the website, which makes possible booking and purchase of flight tickets through a search engine.

The Owner – the firm IPWS Łukasz Żorawik, who is in possession of the Website.

The Partner – Grupa Travel Ltd., with its seat in Gdynia (postal code 81-30), at 10 Lutego Street 10, which makes accessible data so that the Reservation System could have been created and can work in a way facilitating to the User access to exact data concerning flights.

The Reservation System – a search engine enabling the User to search for national and international flight connections defined for any given pair of cities and to make a cost estimation of these connections, eventually to purchase a flight ticket.

The User – a person using the Reservation System. The User may also be referred to as “the Client”, “the Recipient”, “the Passenger”.

„Low Cost” airlines - airlines listed in clause II of the Flight Tickets Regulations.
Attention! „Low Cost” airlines are not subject to general conditions of transport concordant with the IATA organization’s rules. All airlines are subject to corresponding regulations listed in clause II of the Flight Ticket Regulations.

Electronic payments tool – a payment tool, which enables access to capital from a distance, making possible to the owner performing operations with the use of electronic data carriers or electronic identification of the owner, necessary to perform the operation, particularly a system of electronic payment or a credit card.

Credit Card – a card which identifies precisely its issuer and owner entitled to its use, authorizes performing a payment, and in case of a card issued by a bank or other institution legally authorized to give credits, also performing a payment using a credit, within the meaning of article 4, paragraph 1, item 4 of the act from the 29th of August 1997 – Banking Law (Journal of Laws 2002 No 72, item 665, No 126, item 1070, No 141, item 1178, No 144, item 1208, No 153, item 1271, No 169, item 1385 and 1387 and No 241, item 2074, of 2003 No 50, item 424, No 60, item 535, No 65, item 594, No 228, item 2260 and No 229, item 2276 and of 2004 No 64, item 594, No 68, item 623 and No 91, item 870).

General resolutions

The Reservation System is made accessible by the Owner, the firm

with its seat in Katowice(postal code 40-168), at Klonowa Street 41a.

The following document states the rules that constitute legal basis of using the Reservation System.

Every User is obligated, from the moment of undertaking activities leading to the use of the Reservation System, to observe these regulations.

Booking and purchase of particular products offered by the Reservation System is an individual transaction. Purchase of each product is subject to detailed conditions indicated in sections from VII to IX of these regulations.

Responsability of the User for the use of the Reservation System

The User confirms that he has full ability to legal proceedings and to taking on legally binding obligations, and by accepting the following conditions he takes on a full responsibility, also financial responsibility, resulting from the use of the Reservation System.

The User ensures he would use the Reservation System within the scope of making enquiries about the reservation he is interested in, purchase of the flight ticket and making a reservation and confirming his intention of purchasing services available on the Website described in these Regulations, only in a way concordant with the currently binding law and avoiding any extralegal activities.

It is forbidden to the User to make enquiries using a false or someone else's name and to perform payment for the booked flight tickets or other services with a false or someone else's credit card, without the agreement of the card's owner. Such proceedings will be immediately reported to suitable law enforcement bodies.

Limitations of liability

The Owner states in advance that using the System of Reservations made accessible by the Partner takes place solely at the expense and risk of the User. There is no guarantee that it will be without defects, flaws, pauses or lack of possibility of connection with the Reservation System and that the result of the search will meet the User's expectations as far as factual content, accuracy and usefulness are concerned. Nor does the Owner guarantee that at the moment following to obtaining the result of a search no offers will appear in the Reservation System or other systems of ticket search, other than these previously found be the Reservation System. Such guarantee will be no more applicable in reference to the past. Obtaining the result of a search, if not immediately confirmed by making a Reservation in the correctly working Reservation System of the Partner, does not entitle the Client to make any claims about entering a contract of agency in sale of tickets or other services.

Personal Data Protection

The Owner fully respects the right to privacy and personal data protection of the Users and hence states that he does not make available the information about the Users to any third party, with the exception of range and situations necessary to proper carrying out of transactions made by the Users through exploiting the offer by using the Reservation System.

In case of using the Reservation System, offered on the Website of the Owner, the Users will be asked to give specific personal data, which may be transferred to the Partner, necessary to correct making of a reservation and issuing a flight ticket or other document connected with handling of the journey.
On account of the nature of the service, such as is enquiring about reservation and purchase of a flight ticket or other tourist service by means of tools of the Partner in use on the Website of the Owner, information containing name, surname, sex and age, in case of children, young people and seniors, is transferred directly to the reservation system of the airlines in charge of flight connections chosen by the User or to the owners of appropriate hotels or other operators of indicated, available on the Website services – in case of reservation of such services.
The User, using the system, gives consent to have his personal data processed and transferred in this way.

Making an enquiry about reservation, purchase of a flight ticket or booking other services available on the Website, the User transfers information on himself. This information is stored in the data bases of the Owner and the Partner and will serve solely their own use and making possible the analysis of orders and demands on the part of Clients.
The User gives consent to collecting and processing of his personal data, and also the data of persons with whom he plans to go on a flight journey, or use other services, necessary to the Reservation System to undertake searching and booking operations.

The Owner will spare no efforts to ensure that Users of the Reservation System will have an unlimited access to new products, services, special offers and price lists offered on the Website.

As a result of this the Owner reserves himself the right to inform Users about all promotional actions carried on by the Owner related to activities and development of the Website. Such information will be treated by the User as an ordered commercial information, within the meaning of suitable regulations.

The User can resign at any moment from the option of receiving promotional information by sending a statement of intention to resign at

By accepting these Regulations the User confirms the authenticity of provided personal data and according to article 23 of the Act of Personal Data Protection dating from 28th of August 197 gives consent to its storage and other processing in the data base of the Reservation System.
The User has the right to access and modification of provided information.

Making flight reservations, purchase of a ticket, systems of payment and delivery of a flight ticket

The rules of making reservations, systems of payment and delivery of a flight ticket are defined by the Flight Tickets Regulations.

Complaints about made reservations and purchases of tickets and other tourist services can be made within 7 days from the moment of delivery of a ticket or other documents connected with handling of the journey in writing in the Partner's office :

Grupa Travel Ltd.

The firm's seat
10 Lutego Street 10
81-301 Gdynia

Tel: +48 58 627 82 88
Tel: +48 58 627 82 32
Fax: +48 58 620 91 28

Final resolutions

The Owner reserves himself the right to unilateral making of changes in the content of the Regulations. Every Client is obligated to acquaint himself with the content of the Regulations before making a reservation and is bound every time by the Regulation's resolutions at the moment of making a reservation and purchase of tickets and other tourist services.

In matters not regulated by these Regulations civic code's regulations are binding and the Act form year 2000 about protection of some of the consumers’ rights and liability for damages made by a dangerous product. (Journal of Laws 2000, No 22 item 2).

The Owner is not responsible for losses incurred by the Client resulting from his not having gone on a journey because of strikes of airlines' personnel or airports' personnel, nor for the losses arisen as a result of the above mentioned actions, execution of other services listed in the service Regulations nor these caused by the agency of force majeure.

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