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Rules of maintaining Privacy Policy on the website

Every time the website is mentioned, the firm IPWS Łukasz Żorawik is meant - the administrator of the website,

Anyone visiting the website is guaranteed with anonymity,

Individual visiting the website decides on a registration in its data bases, after which he becomes a rightful User of the website,

Data registered by the User in the data base is protected according to currently binding Polish law,

System, which supports the website, does not collect, gather nor store any information in a way contradictory to the rules of participation,

Every User registered in the System, according to the Personal Data Protection Act, has possibility of access to the data he provided, its modification or complete change,

Data is filled in forms by Users for the purpose of correct realization of the tourist order made by the User,

Website pyrzowice.plcommits to store and protect personal data of Users according to network security standards,

Website pyrzowice.plcommits not to use personal data of registered Users for purposes other than those involved in service provided to Clients,

Website pyrzowice.pldoes not sell, exchange nor reveal to third persons nor subjects personal data of website’s Users,

Website pyrzowice.plcommits to provide its Users with information about any changes in privacy policy, which may occur both as a result of changes in Polish law and these resulting from the firm’s activity,

Sole data collected by the website pyrzowice.plis information generally revealed by the Visitor’s computer, such as the used system, version of the browser, IP number; such data, which cannot be directly related to a specific person, and which is gathered only for statistical purposes,

Website pyrzowice.plin no way collects data nor information that would make possible precise identification of the website’s Visitor,

Website pyrzowice.pluses JavaScript and Cookie technologies solely to improve functionality and ergonomics of using of the website. No technology is used for the purpose of influencing prices or conditions of participation.

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